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New book about Vassar published

A Book about Vassar
Anyone interested in Victorian life and the early history of Vassar College will enjoy The Quack’s Daughter, a true history of Cora Keck, a Vassar student of the 1880s who was sent to our budding college to elevate her family’s social status.  Created from her letters, diaries, photographs, and from research at Vassar, her great-granddaughter Greta Nettleton has given us a fascinating time machine.
The Quack’s Daughter by Greta Nettleton:
  • ISBN 978-1-300-33400-2
  • 2nd edition released in June 2014
  • Pre-order from Amazon.com for approx. $20.
  • Pre-order from Amazon.co.uk for approx £24

    Cover image of The Quack's Daughter

    A new book about life at Vassar in the 1880s


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